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Opinion Josh Hawley, senator-as-symptom of a broken news business

Bob Greene: Sen. Josh Hawley cast the only vote against admitting Finland and Sweden to NATO. He said adding the two militarily proficient Russian neighbors to NATO would weaken U.S. deterrence of China. Greene: This episode of a senator using the Senate as a stepping stone to a cable television green room illustrates what Chris Stirewalt deplores in his new book, “Broken News” He says journalism has a supply-side problem: Time was, journalists assumed that news consumers demanded “more information, faster and better” Greene: Now, instantaneous communication via passive media supplies what indolent consumers demand. He says the news business treats politics like sports” — entertaining but with no meaning deeper than the score. Greene:

Sen. Hawley, a.k.a. the Sprinter, is the senator-as-symptom: Define news down, and this is the kind of newsmaker you get.