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Opinion Joe Biden working while covid-sick was not ‘white supremacy’

President Biden has tested negative for the coronavirus and says he’s “feeling great” But even when he was feeling less than great, he seemed compelled to push through: popping cough drops after press calls, working out at the executive mansion, tweeting incessantly as proof of life. Frida Ghitis: Yale professor tweeted that Biden working while having ‘covid infection epitomizes white supremacy urgency in the workplace.” Ghitis says the tweet was a particularly egregious example of an emerging trend: the increasingly indiscriminate deployment of the term “white supremacy” as a criticism of various — often nonracial, even inoffensive — traits and actions. She says we should be concerned about white supremacy, and we should combat it.

Right-wing outlets and commentators have gleefully surfaced these hyperbolic examples of the term’s misuse. Every risible conflation makes the term easier to minimize when it is used appropriately and easier to justify ignoring real manifestations of