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Opinion It’s time the free world commits to the defense of Taiwan

Lin Fei-fan: Can the world really afford to lose Taiwan, an integral member of the world’s liberal democratic order? He says China's bellicose response to Pelosi's visit to Taiwan proves the paramount necessity for the international community to be vocal about its support for Taiwan. Taiwan is by no means enthusiastic about the prospect of a war, but we’re also unwilling to back down in the face of threats, he says. Taiwan and the global community can do to harness international support and make Beijing aware of the heavy price it would pay in choosing to take Taiwan by force, he writes. Lin: For Taiwan, the eventuality of Chinese aggression is no longer a “what-if” scenario — the more important question is

Taiwan has a demonstrated and tenacious democratic spirit that is magnified in the face of threats to our way of life. We call on the international community to see us as a trusted ally and country worthy of the world’s collective defense. The world is facing a choice between autocracy and democracy