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Opinion It’s Poilievre’s Conservative Party. That’s bad news for Canada.

Frida Ghitis: The Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership race is on until September, but it's already over. She says Pierre Poilievre has led the pack, a clear front-runner in a contest that will shape the future of the party. Ghitis says he raised more donor money than all his competitors combined; that's the ballgame. It's bad news for conservatives and the country, Ghitis writes. The former cabinet minister has made the federal budget a crusade to shrink the deficit and debt, she says. Ghitsits: It turns out, contrary to his lazy, rehashed-Thatcherist fever dream, that Canada is in healthy fiscal shape.

Poilievre will become leader of the Conservative Party, bringing with him a populist conservatism that ought to worry the country. It’s possible that as leader or, God forbid, prime minister, he will be moderated by the pressures and checks of the party and country. But we can’t count on external forces moderating him, so we must assume the worst.