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Opinion It’s hot and getting hotter. We need to find novel ways to keep cool.

John Sutter: The planet's 10 warmest years since record-keeping began have all been since 2010. He says we are going to have to adapt to global warming because it will get worse before it gets better. Sutter says U.S. should lead the world in addressing the underlying problem: heat-trapping emissions. He hopes Biden uses all the executive power he can muster to hasten a transformation to clean energy, Sutter writes. The heat has changed the nature of the West’s annual wildfires, making them bigger, hotter and more unpredictable, he says. But none of that will make our summers any more bearable in the foreseeable future, especially in big cities that function as heat islands, he writes. It is hot and getting hotter.

John Sutter: Wildfire-prone states and the federal government are going to have to reevaluate their forest-management strategies in light of the new normal. Low-lying East Coast cities such as Miami and Charleston, S.C., experience far more days