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Opinion In both Russia and America, punishment does not always fit the crime

Marc Fogel and WNBA star Brittney Griner are in jail in Russia for drug possession. Frida Ghitis: I assumed both Americans were being railroaded by Russia. She says it's not uncommon to look unfavorably on rule-breakers and say they should have known better. Ghitis says this kind of thinking is unproductive and often just cruel; we can be just as ruthless as the Russians when it comes to the price we make people pay for not following the rules. We don’t hate crime nearly half as much as we love punishment. We are fanatically dedicated to upholding the rules even when the rules themselves are suspect, Ghitis writes. We cling to “I told you so” because it helps one group maintain that distance

We must resist this kind of thinking because it is, at some level, vindictive. It is objectively wrong to punish two people for what amounts to a victimless crime. It's an imaginary moral