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Opinion In boosting Trump acolytes, Democrats become what they once condemned

John Avlon: Tuesday's primary in Michigan's 3rd Congressional District was a miniature referendum on Donald Trump. Avlon says the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spent more money to help the Trumpiest candidate win. He says the hypocrisy of this is astonishing, but it's less amazing than the cavalier disregard Democrats show for their oath of office. It's not just Gibbs; Democrats have run the same playbook in several tight primary races, unfortunately with considerable success, Avlon writes. But it's so obviously dangerous that even some Democrats have publicly expressed disquiet, he says, but at least they think they're doing the right thing. The DCCC can hardly offer the same excuse. It's an excuse you hear a lot in politics — in fact, almost every time it becomes expedient

John Avlon: Democrats and left-leaning pundits correctly pointed out that Republicans had a moral obligation to choose your country over your political interests. They said they didn’t have a choice, they said, because too many GOP voters supported him. Avlon says after Tuesday, Democrats can stop asking how Republicans could have sold out principles and their country.