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Opinion In a normal year, the GOP should sweep. But 2022 isn’t normal.

Julian Zelizer: It's hard to distinguish between insightful nonconformity and wishful thinking. He says conventional wisdom suggests Democrats should be toast this fall, but dissenters say 2022 is not a normal year. Zelizer says the public view of the economy is gloomy, and voters expect even worse. Polls show that 57 percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of Democrats, but 61 percent of Republicans, he says. He asks: If the public isn’t wild about Democrats, they like Republicans even less. Polls also show that many Democrats who take a critical view of Biden are still telling pollsters they’re determined to vote Democratic in the midterm elections. Zelizer writes. In midterms, voters often toss out vulnerable members of the incumbent party

The more Trump is at the center of the conversation, the worse it is for Republicans. Voters prefer Democrats over the GOP by 20 points on both climate policy and issues affecting LGBTQ people. While 37 percent of Americans have a very unfavorable view of Biden, 46 percent have a