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Opinion If Trump has nuclear documents at home, I’m sure it’s for good reason

The FBI conducted its search of Mar-a-Lago at least in part to look for nuclear documents, The Post has reported. But that is only if you fail to consider the plethora of perfectly innocent ways former president Donald Trump could potentially have wound up with nuclear documents at his combination home-and-country-club. Trump was busy flushing a big pile of documents and did not notice that he had gotten some classified materials stuck to his shoe. The material was too classified to even be described, so nobody could tell him it was there, and he dragged it to Florida without even realizing he was doing it. Trump has been holding the nuclear documents and also a Coke and an umbrella for the past two years.

Trump was walking out to Marine One when he noticed that a cat was stuck up a tree. He spent several hours trying to lure the cat down from the tree, first with appealing words and then with a can of tuna. Trump decided he would take the documents and cat with him and wait for a better time, but the cat has hissed at him every time he has tried to get the documents