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Opinion If GOP senators don’t fear this vote, what could possibly scare them?

John Sutter: Democrats are gearing up to vote for a new plan to negotiate prescription drugs prices. He asks: Why is it Democrats laboring to pass such a bill, while Republicans don't fear opposing it? He says the pharmaceutical lobby is working hard to kill it, but Democrats seem genuinely flummoxed by the GOP’s willingness to stand against this proposal. Sutter says Republicans can argue that competition among drug companies has lowered drug prices without the deleterious effects of government price controls. But a pollster says Republicans might not fear this vote; they can tell themselves you won’t pay for opposing this bill; legislation is complicated, and most voters don't pay much attention to it. And perhaps by the time you’re up for reelection, everyone will

There are lots of unpopular things Republicans do, and much of the time, it doesn't seem to affect Election Day. That suggests there’s a fundamental weakness in our system