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Opinion If Democrats are losing the working class, it’s not because of the left

Frida Ghitis: It's no surprise that Democrats are up against it this fall; the president’s party generally does worse in midterm elections. She says the party is losing support among non-college educated voters, trailing the GOP by 12 points in a recent poll. Ghitis says it's hard to make sense of this house of mirrors; Biden, not Bernie Sanders, centrists, gerontocracy that runs the party in the House and Senate, nor the party establishment, are to blame. She argues that the left has poisoned the “party brand” and dismisses the idea that campaigning for more gun control and against the assault on abortion will save Democrats this fall. She writes: Democrats ought to be concerned that the activists of their base are demoralized.

The Democrats’ problem among the working class isn’t Black Lives Matter or pro-choice activists. Working-class Americans struggle to afford the necessities: health care, housing, education, retirement security, and now food and gas. What Democrats need isn't a turn to the right on social issues but a populist agenda on economic issues.