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Opinion I got my young kids covid vaccines. I hope more parents do the same.

A month into the campaign to get the youngest children vaccinated against the coronavirus, it’s clear that a lot of parents still have questions. Only 2.8 percent of children under age 5 have received their shots. Kaiser Family Foundation: The number of parents who said they would definitely not immunize their young children rose from 27 percent in April to 43 percent in July. Even if vaccines no longer seem like a magic bullet for preventing disease, getting them still made sense for my family, she says, but protection that makes the illness less severe is worth a lot to me. And frankly, vaccinating my daughter protected her as much from bureaucracy as from illness, she writes. And so far, our kids have taken their shots

D.C. has the highest rate of coronavirus vaccination among young children. The District set up covid centers offering the shots in every city ward and keeps them open late and on weekend days. Public health officials should make sure logistics aren’t keeping kids from getting vaccinated.