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Opinion How the news business’s economics altered the news itself

Frida Ghitis: In disagreeable times, nostalgia can be a narcotic, but nostalgia is understandable. She says newspapers mattered more when they were substantially supported by ads for local businesses. Ghitis says the internet is the culprit because it has destroyed the monopoly newspapers had on assembling for advertisers a broad audience of the sort of readers that advertisers value. The crumbling of newspapers’ ad-based business model began with the migration of classified ads to the internet, Ghitis writes. The new model is defined by “intensity of self-expression in the pursuit of response,” she says. Ghitis : This new business model “made the media the agents of polarization.” This business model — media as “agents of polarization” results in the

Mir: Post-journalism has turned the media into the crowdfunded Ministries of Truth. Audiences want to pay only for flagship media, such as the New York Times or Washington Post