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Opinion How I turn off the strife

LZ Granderson: Like you, I can watch anything I want to on television right now. But I have no idea why I pay for all these wonderful escape options when there are only two or three shows that I turn to at night. He says the shows I watch are low-stakes. Shows where no one gets murdered or harmed in any way. LZ: We seek comfort shows because we live in a 24-hour news cycle that reminds us of how awful human beings can be to one another. Mental health problems are considered a form of weakness. We are supposed to ignore those nagging feelings of worry, angst and helplessness and just get on with it. But there you sit, watching an episode of “The Brady Bunch” that you’ve seen countless

Some people escape the harsh realities by arming themselves to the teeth and joining forces with other scared people who want to tear the country apart. Others, including me, prefer to occasionally and sometimes frequently escape into a world where the people are always funny and likable.