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Opinion How Filipino Americans could decide the balance of the Senate

More than 4 million Filipinos live in the U.S. and are the third largest Asian ethnic group behind Chinese and Indians. Filipinos are especially numerous in the key swing state of Nevada. They comprise about half of the state’s Asian population, which cast 5 percent of the votes in the 2020 elections. The data is mixed about whether Filipino Americans are shifting rightward, but the socio-religious background of many Filipinos gives Republicans hope. A September 2020 poll found that 28 percent identified as Republicans and 34 percent were planning to vote for President Donald Trump, second only to Vietnamese Americans among all major Asian ethnicities. Republicans in Nevada are trying to do that through targeted outreach and general messaging.

The Philippines was an American colony between 1898 and 1946, and the U.S. liberated the islands from Japanese rule during World War II. The United States has been viewed extremely favorably in the Philippines, even during Trump’s presidency.