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Opinion Gov. Youngkin dashed hopes by reneging on his second-chance promise

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin's Christian faith teaches him that whatever he has done to the least of these, he's done unto God. Timothy Rumage, Aubrey Berryman: Gov. Youngkin dashing hopes of thousands of Virginia’s forgotten by reneging on a promise made two years earlier. In April, Youngkin lauded Virginia's criminal justice agencies for their rehabilitation and reentry services, they say. Rumage and Berryman say the governor's actions involved a cruelty that no one should have to endure. They say the repeal affected all nonviolent sentences being served by people who also had sentences for “violent” crime. They say Youngkin pivoted to demonizing incarcerated people, as though we weren’t even deserving of a first chance

Gov. Youngkin jeopardized public safety by making incarcerated people less prepared to return home, authors say. Returning citizens who’ve reformed themselves ought to be Virginia’s success stories, they say. We urge Youngkin and the 70 legislators to rectify the mistake they made and restore hope they dashed, they write.