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Opinion GOP hysteria over the Mar-a-Lago search is an invitation to violence

Frida Ghitis: Calls to arms reached fever pitch in pro-Trump social media after court-ordered search at Mar-a-Lago. She says we need political and opinion leaders to appeal for calm; Fox News and other conservative outlets exploded with talk of “war” and “assassination,” an “attack” on the country and Trump supporters, and calls for revenge against a “corrupt” American “KGB” She says violent speech, particularly when so many are already feeling desperate and on edge, leads to violent acts; we know that violent speech leads to violence. Ghitis says we're at a perilous moment; we need leaders to counsel people to wait until all the facts are known about the search are known.

Newsmax hosted former New York police commissioner Bernard Kerik, who claimed to be “deathly afraid” that Trump will face “assassination” And from Fox News: “This is the worst attack on this Republic in modern history, period