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Opinion Go ahead, Democrats: Take credit for the terrific jobs numbers

Julian Zelizer: In 2008, Mitt Romney wrote an op-ed for the New York Times railing against a proposal for the federal government to prop up the automobile industry. Zelizer says the public decided that amid economic crises, the government should do everything it could to stave off disaster. Biden can claim, so far at least at least, to have what may be the greatest job-creating record of any U.S. president, Zelizer writes. In Trump's first three years in office, before the covid-19 pandemic hit, the economy added 6.5 million jobs, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. In the first year and a half of Biden’s presidency — so, half the time — 9

Julian Zelizer: Inflation is a global phenomenon, but the U.S. places near the middle of the pack in the rate of inflation. He says Republicans are now arguing that having the government step in to save the economy was a terrible idea. Republicans will never stop saying that whatever you don't like about the economy must be