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Opinion Germany is finally acting like Europe’s major power

Frida Ghitis: In a world of increasingly assertive autocracies, Germany’s potential transformation is a welcome prospect. She says the first sign of the new Germany involves defense. Ghitis says Germany's energy U-turn came after Russia's invasion of Ukraine served as a wake-up call. Germany's budget deficit stands at 3.7 percent of GDP, a big shift from consistent surpluses before the covid pandemic pandemic, she says. Germany has gone along with a prompt ECB pledge to backstop the debt of governments that get into trouble, Ghitis writes. Germany has begun talking about extending the life of its three remaining nuclear plants, she adds. Germany's third transformation relates to its neighbors, the Ghitis argues. Ghitis

Frida Ghitis: Germany's awakening is less about a war of choice and more about self-preservation. Russia has proved itself to be far more dangerous than the Germans had imagined, Ghitis says. She says the U.S. has shown itself a far less reliable ally