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Opinion Garland has a political duty to explain the circus perpetrated at Mar-a-Lago

Ruben Navarrette: As this is written, there are important unanswered questions about who instigated the search of Mar-a-Lago. He says the rule of law is important, but other things, including social comity and domestic tranquility, no value ever eclipses all others. The perpetrators of this week’s circus surely considered that their target is likely to again be a presidential candidate, he says. But facts, however, are stubborn things: In 2020, having watched Donald Trump govern for four years, 74,222,958 Americans decided that they wanted to have four more years of him, he writes. This can be deplored but should not be ignored.

This nation is running low on an indispensable ingredient of a successful society: trust, in institutions and one another. Garland has said about the Justice Department, “We will and we must speak through our work.” Actually, his political duty is to explain and justify his work