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Opinion Florida started penalizing bureaucratic delay. Housing permits spiked.

Hayden Dublois: America needs more than 5 million new houses to meet demand. He says Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill that fundamentally changes the state’s permitting process for home building. He said the law requires local jurisdictions to post online not only their permitting processes but also the status of permit applications. Dubloi: The reforms also incentivizes cities and counties to approve new home permits in a timely way. The point of this policy is to put government on the hook for holding up new housing construction, he says. It's a de facto tax on Florida families; now the Sunshine State is making cities and towns pay for their own delays. In the four months before the law was passed, about 80 percent of applications were processed within 30 days, he writes.

Thousands of new home permits are being processed faster under this law. Florida officials are paying a penalty for foot-dragging. The speedier approval process appears to be enhancing a Florida home building boom that was already in progress.