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Opinion Facebook wants to be more like TikTok. That’s a bad idea.

Mark Zuckerberg was the envy of chief executives everywhere. He was sitting at the helm of arguably the most successful company in history, rivaled only by Google in its explosive pace of growth. Now, instead of other executives wanting to turn their companies into little Facebooks, Facebook and Instagram seem to be turning into copies of TikTok. TikTok is already the sixth-most used social platform in the world, and last year, it was the most downloaded app. It has surpassed Facebook for time spent on the platform, and may be set to surpass YouTube this year. Younger users don’t favor Facebook the way their elders did — indeed, they probably don't favor Facebook because they want their own spaces to talk to each other

TikTok, with its constant stream of brief videos from total strangers, is something closer to pure distraction, a passive sport for Generation ADHD. This marks more than one company displacing another in the hearts of youths; it is a massive social shift, akin to the rise of social media itself. It wouldn’t be a total disaster for society if Facebook and Instagram came to reflect the new style.