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Opinion DOJ’s new lawsuit against Idaho throws down the gauntlet on abortion

The Justice Department filed its first lawsuit against a new state abortion ban, challenging a law soon to take effect in Idaho. John Sutter: This may be the first of many, because if the department prevails, more abortion bans in Republican-run states could be the target of a federal lawsuit. Sutter says the Justice Department chose Idaho because the life exception in its abortion ban is incredibly narrow, basically including only imminent death. The question of whether state laws should provide exceptions mainly to save the life of the pregnant woman, with far less leeway to protect her health, has long been debated among antiabortion activists. The federal challenge could be brought against other states that have somewhat broader exceptions to abortion bans than Idaho does but still conflict with federal law, says Sutter. Sutter.

The courts will have to decide whether federal law says otherwise, Sepper says. “If the abortion bans aligned with