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Opinion DeSantis sacked me for doing my job as a prosecutor. Who’s next?

Andrew Warren was elected state attorney for Florida’s 13th Judicial Circuit, which covers the city of Tampa and Hillsborough County, in 2016 and 2020. Without warning, he was removed from his office and replaced with a DeSantis ally. Warren: This is a blatant abuse of power; I was elected by voters — twice — and I have spent my entire career locking up violent criminals and fraudsters. He says he plans to fight this suspension in the courts, and if successful, he will resume his work: Ensure my community is safe by embracing effective criminal justice policies. We have seen this sustained attack against our freedoms around the country — and we have to fight back.

Gov. DeSantis is trying to fire a Florida prosecutor for opposing abortion restrictions and gender-affirming care. The governor is ignoring the discretion prosecutors have in deciding who to prosecute for which crimes, she says. She says he is violating her right of free speech to call attention to public policies that take away freedoms. To a lot of us, Florida’s self-proclaimed “free state of Florida” doesn’t feel very free.