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Opinion Come on, Bernie. Admit Joe Manchin outmaneuvered you.

Julian Zelizer: Inflation Reduction Act is a much-needed political win for Biden and the Democratic Party. He says Sen. Bernie Sanders got far less of what he wanted than Sen. Joe Manchin, who cut a deal with Sen. Charles E. Schumer. Zelizer says it's a remarkable denouement to a ferocious Sanders-Manchin battle that was intriguing as a political personality clash, and rich in lessons about how Washington really works, but also possibly consequential for Democrats’ ideological future. None of his dealbreakers, such as a family and medical leave subsidy, made it into the bill; goodies for his fossil-fuel allies did, Zelizer writes. It's hard to imagine two more dissimilar legislators than the Brooklyn-born democratic socialist.

On process, the deal vindicates Manchin’s style, an inside game during which he ignored — or reveled in — Sanders. On net, events of the past two weeks help reposition Democrats closer to the political center. We’ll never know if Democrats would have been even better off if they had met Manchin halfway sooner.