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Opinion Clinics where abortion is legal are at a breaking point. They need help.

LZ Granderson: Large numbers of women are traveling to states where abortion is still legal. LZ: Clinics and doctors in those places are stressed to the breaking point and in need of help. He says wait times at clinics now can be weeks, meaning women who might have been able to obtain early-term medical abortions will need later-term abortion procedures. The problem will get worse when injunctions on certain state bans lift or when state legislatures reduce access to abortions, LZ says.LZ: Only 11 of Illinois’s 102 counties have an abortion provider. In five of those counties, in-clinic procedures are not available; providers only offer medication abortion that is limited in its usage to the first 11 weeks of a pregnancy.

An estimated 14,000 additional patients are expected to seek abortion care in southern Illinois. Poor women and women of color will feel the brunt of new abortion bans. The result will be more sick women, more maternal deaths and more forced births. As always, it is the most vulnerable women who will suffer the most.