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Opinion ‘Chinese Culture’ is not Chinese Communism. Somebody tell the New York Mets.

The New York Mets are holding an annual “Evening of Chinese Culture” at Citi Field on Saturday. The event features calligraphy and kung fu demonstrations, handouts about “Chinese civilization” and other programming. The Mets’ partner for the event is the Sino-American Friendship Association, which some China experts have identified as involved in propagandizing on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party. The group’s ties to CCP officialdom are extensive, including its advisory board, former vice president of the state-run China News Service and former consul of the People's Republic of China in New York. The mission of organizations linked to the United Front is to observe and control the activity of Chinese nationals across the world, expert says.

There is irony in using this one to celebrate Chinese culture, says Frida Ghitis. The Chinese Communist Party has, for decades, represented the systematic destruction of Chinese culture. Ghitis: The timing of this one is especially bad to be giving away PRC-flag hats the same week the regime menaced the U.S. speaker of the House and launched missiles near its democratic neighbor. The Mets would cancel Saturday’s event, sever ties with the Sino-American Friendship Association and ensure that any future “Evenings of Chinese Culture” actually celebrate Chinese people.