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Opinion Chinese ambassador: Why China objects to Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

Qin Gang: China has been inseparable part of Taiwan for 1,800 years. She says the U.S. has long been committed to not developing official relations with Taiwan. China will not allow Taiwan to be divided from it in whatever form, she says. Gang: Pelosi visit will lead “Taiwan independence’s independence” forces further down a dangerous path, with peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait hanging in the balance. In the past 18 months alone, the United States has made five rounds of arms sales to Taiwan, he says.Qin Gang: The one-China principle is part of the postwar international order and has become a general international consensus. The United States, meanwhile, sees Taiwan as a means to contain China

The Taiwan question is about China’s sovereignty and unity, not democracy, Frida Ghitis says. Ghitis: Pelosi's visit has aroused the indignation of the 1.4 billion Chinese people. She says it is high time for China and the U.S. to strengthen cooperation and work with other countries