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Opinion Biden might be the Democrats’ worst possible nominee (except for all the others)

David Gergen: President Biden's approval in Gallup polling stands at a rock-bottom 38 percent. He says the perception has taken root that Biden is too old and too out of it, but he's quietly been racking up an impressive list of legislative achievements. Biden might turn out to be a more formidable candidate in 2024, should he run again, than he looks to be right now, Gergen writes. Gergen says he's so unpopular because inflation is at a 40-year high; inflation is a global phenomenon, but it's not a factor in his unpopularity. For all Biden's weaknesses, it's far from clear that the Democrats have any better alternative to him, he writes. Gergen adds that Biden has failed in policy but in communication.

If Biden doesn’t run, Vice President Harris would be the prohibitive favorite for the nomination. Yet she is every bit as unpopular as Biden, and, unlike him, does not have a wealth of experience to draw on. She would be vulnerable to sexist, nativist and racist attacks from Republicans, says Julian Zelizer. Zelizer: Democrats could try to persuade Biden not to seek reelection and make way for a new generation.