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Opinion Biden has tested positive again. That’s no reason to avoid Paxlovid.

President Biden has tested positive for the coronavirus again, which is being attributed to his use of the antiviral pill Paxlovid. Julian Zelizer: The possibility of such a rebound should not deter Americans from making use of this highly effective treatment. Biden’s experience is testament to the power of vaccines and treatments, Zelizer writes. Zelizer says the FDA should reevaluate the duration of the treatment and which patients would benefit from a repeat course of Paxlid. In addition, the CDC needs to clarify isolation guidelines, he says, and the CDC says that patients who test positive again should isolate for another five days, if they do not need to do so for fear of infecting other people again. Zelizer, the FDA needs to

CDC is not asking for repeat testing after five days, even though a residual positive result would still imply contagiousness. Without daily tests, Biden’s diagnosis wouldn’t have been picked up. How many other cases are being missed? And if relapse is something that can occur in individuals who