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Opinion Biden deserves kudos for diverse judges. But White men still dominate.

In less than two years into his first term, President Biden has appointed an impressive 76 federal court judges. Julian Zelizer: Biden deserves praise for improving diversity on the federal bench. He says the judiciary is so overwhelmingly male and White that it will take decades to reach anything approaching a fair reflection of the country. Zelizer says in 27 states, there is not a single Black woman on federal bench; only 3.4 percent of appeals court judges are Black women; 6.4% of district court judges in 6 states have none; 6 circuit courts have no Black women. He asks: Diversity is one of many good reasons to expand the federal court; expanding the court could be just as important to ensure the effective operation of the judicial system

The Supreme Court is increasingly antagonistic toward voting rights and indifferent to women's rights. In the next term, affirmative action in higher education is likely to be on the chopping block as well. The court’s Christian nationalist bent has become more obvious