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Opinion At rising crime’s core: An absence of hope

D.C. police statistics paint a grim picture of the time since, says John Sutter. Sutter: Nearly 1,330 more violent crimes with a gun during the past two years than there were the previous two years. He says the city has spent millions in crime-related community-based solutions. But it's too soon to say whether any of that is working, he says, and we must confront a reality as old as the socioeconomic ills that contribute to gun violence. Most people killed in our city are Black. Most firing the guns are Black, too. Most of the people firing guns are White. Sutter asks: "What are we doing about what we already know about the problem? One of the answers is illegal guns" and repeat violent offenders.

It doesn't take much for arguments over nothing, or a desire to retaliate for a slight or seize a chance to get your hands on something that doesn't belong to you, to escalate to the use of a gun. It's not moral failures but public health problems coming our way at the point of a