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Opinion Arrival of bused migrants can’t be Muriel Bowser’s problem to solve

Muriel E. Bowser is catching it from all directions over a problem she had no hand in creating, writes Ruben Navarrette. He says D.C. mayor is being criticized for not devoting more city resources to help migrants. Navarlette: Bowser is also taking a huge hit from some city politicians and immigration advocates for asking the Biden administration to mobilize the National Guard to help respond to the crisis. She says the migration crisis is not a military event, but it requires a federal response; it's a federal problem that needs to be addressed by the federal government.Navarrette: Shame on the White House for criticizing Bowser’s federal aid request, suggesting it plays into the hands of GOP critics. What, pray tell, is the White

State and local jurisdictions should be reimbursed for every dime spent helping destitute immigrants admitted into the U.S. The Biden administration must own up to the asylum-seeking migrant problem. The money is there, fully appropriated in the foreign aid budget. The ongoing trek of migrants away from their countries may well