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Opinion America, where we demonize our enemies and demand purity from friends

LZ Granderson: Sunday school stopped fun when I asked where my dog would go when he died. LZ: For conservatives, Liz Cheney is a blasphemer, a heretic, and might soon be banished from the congregation. In liberal circles, it is nothing short of blasphemy to speak a positive word about any conservative for any reason, LZ writes. Conservatives are the same; they hate liberals with an almost otherworldly passion, he says, and demonizing them. He says they have made demonizing Kamala D. Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton a kind of obsession. Lz: In that world, saying anything complimentary about a Democrat is a marker of probable evil. Their hatred is the result of consuming the same delusional media diet of red meat that helped set

When I was growing up, my hometown had more churches than you could count. Now, the purity tests are everywhere and something akin to a loyalty code makes it taboo to question your own side. There’s no escape from services anymore; church is always in session. And if you don’t like the teachings, you