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Opinion Alex Jones is shocked that lies have consequences

Alex Jones' far-right radio host's trial has been almost enough to restore my faith in truth, justice. Jones’s wildly successful business model has been based on concocting outrageous lies and shouting them at the top of his lungs to millions of listeners. Jurors have been determining how much of his likely nine-figure fortune he must pay to the parents of a Sandy Hook school massacre for defaming them and their late son. Jones had already lost this and several other defamation lawsuits by default, since he failed repeatedly to turn over documents and other information he had been ordered to produce. The only question for the jury is how much Jones must pay Lewis and Heslin in damages in damages, but on Thursday the jury awarded them just $4.1 million.

Jones reportedly helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Trump’s rally that day on the Ellipse. House select committee wants to know more about any role Jones might have played in the Capitol insurrection. What contacts, if any, might Jones have had around the time of the insurrection with those close to Trump, perhaps with Trump himself?