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Opinion Alex Jones gets a made-for-TV ending

Alex Jones has been caught in almost a cliche of red-handedness in a defamation case against him. The jury ruled that Jones must pay $4.1 million in damages to the parents of a child killed in the Sandy Hook shooting. Frida Ghitis: Jones made a career out of deception, hawking hoaxes and phony cures to the credulous for decades. She says the consequences of Jones’s actions are as real as Sandy Hook — because his viewers do believe, even if he doesn’t. Ghitis says Jones has always been nothing more than an entertainer, sitting behind his microphone and telling his stories, because storytelling pays the bills. She says he was forced to admit he doesn't believe in his own fantasy land

Alex Jones is a made-for-TV man who has relied on theatricality to delude, demean and damage. He ends up defeated by reality, in the form of text messages and emails that he’ll have trouble declaring never existed. This time, the judge