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Opinion A victory for the IRS is a victory for America

Ruben Navarrette: GOP has spent years trying to make only the wealthy pay their taxes. He says the Inflation Reduction Act may finally begin to turn the tide in a war only one side has been fighting. The bill contains nearly $80 billion for the Internal Revenue Service, spread out over the next 10 years. The agency struggles with outdated equipment, insufficient staffing and overwhelming backlogs of paperwork, he says. The IRS is woefully outmatched when it tries to make the rich and super-rich pay what they owe, he writes, and the wealthy don't pay their fair share. The top complaint people have about the system isn't that they pay too much or that they might get audited, let alone that the IRS is going on a bloodthirsty killing spree.

Americans don’t mind paying taxes, as long as they believe the system is fair. The Inflation Reduction Act is finally going to do that, even