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Opinion A Trump nomination is in no one’s interest. Democrats included.

David Gergen: Donald Trump will almost certainly cease to be a major force in public life in the next decade. He says the further he stays from power, the better off we will be, but that view is not universal. Even some Never Trumpers on the right want to root for DeSantis or Trump in the coming showdown, he says. Gergen says it's folly to long for some movie moment where Trump’s supporters finally repudiate him; that would require a majority of Republicans to decide they were wrong to ever vote for the guy, Gergen writes. Trump voters will not provide satisfaction of an about-face to the folks who spent six years calling them revanchist bigots, he writes. If you want their help keeping Trump out of politics,

Polls suggest DeSantis has a good shot at winning a general election in Florida. He will be more strategic about helping to elect lots of other Republicans who can help him pass legislation. While Trump is constitutionally limited to only one more term, he could serve a full two. At 43, he will be less likely to