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Opinion A stunning GOP losing streak since Dobbs could remake the midterm landscape

Frida Ghitis: The Supreme Court decision on forced-birth decision changed the political landscape since June 24. She says a ferocious backlash was evident almost immediately after the decision. Polls asking which party they would vote for if the congressional election were held today have steadily moved in Democrats' favor, Ghitis says. She asks: If Republicans’ “red wave’s dreams fizzle, a good deal of blame will rest with the radical right-wingers on the Supreme Court and their fixation on controlling women's bodies and choices. Ghitis : If you want to force women to give birth against their will and to criminalize medicine, you'll vote for the GOP.

Democrats chalked up a win on the Chips Act. Republicans’ fit over the Inflation Reduction Act resulted in one of the worst self-inflicted wounds in memory. A key to Democratic victories in midterms is turning out irregular voters, especially younger voters. Republicans have used their primaries to nominate MAGA extremists, election deniers, radical and gaffe-prone candidates and poor fundraisers.