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Opinion A repulsive new breed of Trumpist candidates poses a fresh threat

Ruben Navarrette: Donald Trump is delivering a speech Tuesday in which he proclaims to be for law and order. He says a new breed of Trumpist candidates are embracing the most pernicious aspects of Trump’s effort to persuade millions to give up on the rule of law and democracy, he says. Some of these candidates are feeding the public the same lies Trump used to inspire those criminal acts on Jan. 6, 2021, he writes. Others are hand-waving away those same crimes, he adds; others scoffing at the need for any accountability at all for Trump's coup attempt. Navarro: They combine phony pieties about lawful and civil order with craven fealty to Trump's lawlessness and his bid for utter impunity.

Republicans have long campaigned as tough on crime; now they’re hoping to harness voter energy by feeding Trumpism’s pathologies. GOP candidates are winking at — or actively embracing — an underlying ethos that Trump perfected. What remains unknown is how far these Trumpist candidates will push this ethos into positions of real power, says Julian Zelizer.