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Opinion A hero of the Trump right shows his true colors: Whites only

David Gergen: Viktor Orban has been a darling of the MAGA crowd for his anti-immigrant policies. He has enjoyed a fawning interview and favorable broadcasts from Budapest by Fox News’s Tucker Carlson. But Orban made things awkward for his American friends a few days ago. He said immigration should be called “population replacement or inundation” in a July 23 address. Gergen says Orban's longtime adviser Zsuzsa Hegedus lambasted him for “a pure Nazi speech worthy of Goebbels” But not for the American right! Orban is still scheduled to address the group next week, says the organizer of the Conservative Political Action Coalition, Gergen.

At its core, Orban’s rule has been about sustaining, and being sustained by, white nationalism. Orban railed against a “mixed-race world” in which “European peoples are mixed together with those arriving from outside Europe” He warned that “Islamic civilization” is “constantly