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Opinion A gun industry insider’s powerful testimony is cause for despair

David Gergen: Gun industry has flooded the U.S. with military-style rifles. He says it's marketing tactics aimed at young men anxious about their masculinity. Gergen says a bill to outlaw new sales of military-like weapons is moving through the House. Gun advocates have created facts on the ground ensuring that this reality cannot be undone, he says.Gergen: The madness of a society in which these weapons are so common is now being used as a legal justification for why they must stay common. And the very madness of people in which they're so common, he writes, is now using this to justify a ban on new manufacturing and sales would have a limited effect, Gergen adds. The industry used its marketing and sales acumen to create an AR

John Sutter: The gun industry has made the AR-15 “common,” therefore means it must enjoy constitutional protection. He says Supreme Court's conservatives have yet to apply this interpretation of the Second Amendment to AR15s specifically. Sutter says the more guns are sold, the harder it will be politically to ban them, and perhaps legally as well as legally as also. The result will be an increasing cycle of violence and intimidation.