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Opinion 3 Senate races show how MAGA candidates are dragging down the GOP

In Ohio, Rep. Tim Ryan (D) leads MAGA-compliant J.D. Vance by a margin of 5 to 12 points in every poll going back to July 3. In Pennsylvania, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is leading TV snake-oil salesman Mehmet Oz by more than eight points. In Wisconsin, Mandela Barnes, the near-certain Democratic nominee, leads Sen. Ron Johnson (R) in the most recent poll from Marquette University Law School by a statistically insignificant two points. The path to victory for these Democrats — as it is for Democrats in other competitive races — runs straight through their erratic, radical opponents. If the GOP loses its chance to take back the Senate majority, it will be due to its decision to nominate terrible candidates

Barnes previously took on progressive positions out of step with the swing state that can be fodder for the GOP attack machine. Republicans certainly have a chance to pull out wins in all three states. Still,