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Should we be easy on students after the pandemic? Maybe not.

The College Board has compiled data indicating that students should be given more of a challenge. The data comes from the College Board’s college-level Advanced Placement program for high school students. Many schools do not require AP students to take the AP final exams. Low-income students and female students in STEM did particularly well, according to the data. Some schools had impressive AP completion and exam-taking numbers when they ignored tradition of letting AP students wait until mid-April to decide whether they would take the exams. Some people looking at the data thought that explanation was too simple. They also worried that students might be less likely to sign up for AP if they had to commit to the exams long before they took them. AP head Trevor Packer

The College Board set a Nov. 15, 2021, national deadline for exam registration, they saw a big surge in students taking the exams in spring 2022. The portion of scores reaching 3-plus or above went from 56 percent in 2021 to 60 percent in 2022, the highest percentage in years. Even those who failed the exams said the struggle made them better prepared for college.