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Rising rents add to college students’ scramble for affordable housing

Rising rental costs and demand for traditional campus life have students scrambling to find housing. At some campuses and in some regions, housing issues are acute. In California, the state is pouring money into building new student housing at public universities. University of California at Los Angeles has promised that all incoming freshmen, beginning this fall, will be guaranteed campus housing for up to four years. At Virginia Commonwealth University, senior Sabeeka Khan said a lot of people struggle to pay rent, using their student loans to cover it and worrying near the end of the year when the loan money is drying up. At Florida Atlantic University, many more students are asking to live on campus now than before the pandemic. The cost of rentals in the area has roughly doubled in the past year

FAU will give those students rooms in local hotels and provide some transportation to and from campus. The University of Utah has about 175 more students who have signed contracts than it can house this year. Howard University will charge a flat $5,000-per-semester fee to students and pay that to alumni for rooms or apartments in their homes. At American University, senior Henry Sprouse said he found an apartment near campus relatively easily, and is sharing the two-bedroom with two friends. NYU officials in New York have seen heavier than usual demand for on-campus housing, and fewer cancellations, according to a spokesman. Some students are happy to be able to live on campus, where she applied to be a resident adviser this year, saying it's her last hurrah.

A program allowing students to donate unused meal “swipes” from their dining cards to help others eat was incredibly helpful. “I literally survived off