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Judge dismisses discrimination suit over Montgomery’s magnet schools

District Judge Paula Xinis dismisses lawsuit alleging school district discriminated against Asian American students. The lawsuit was filed two years ago by a parent group alleging the school system unlawfully used race as a factor in admissions. The school system changed its admissions process following a 2016 report that found stark disparities in enrollment and acceptance rates, with White and Asian students faring better than their Black and Hispanic classmates. A school spokesman says the district is pleased with the decision to uphold the current admissions process and it “correctly found” the system followed the law. The judge also noted there was little evidence the latest admissions process was designed to favor one racial group over the other, the judge wrote in the ruling. “We are disappointed in the outcome,” said

After the pandemic began in 2020, the school system began using a lottery selection system instead of in-person testing. Students are picked from the pool until the magnet class reaches its capacity. The ruling follows another high-profile admissions case in the Washington area that reached the Supreme Court.