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High school extracurriculars are nice. College extracurriculars are huge.

College applicants know how important high school extracurricular activities are in selective admissions. Hardly anyone is telling them what power the activities they pursue DURING college can have over the rest of their lives. Experiences outside of class may have far more impact on your life than your grades or your textbooks. Campus relationships have launched innovations and created jobs everywhere — in music, film, television, medicine, medicine and rocketry, energy, publishing, economics, real estate and the many parts of the internet I don’t understand. Check with friends and family who know people who work in fields that interest you. If there is a college that interests you, contact its student associations and ask what’s going on. Fraternities and sororities,

The managing editor I pursued in college eventually agreed to marry me on graduation day. We have not built any billion-dollar companies, but we