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Education Dept. proposes tougher regulation of for-profit colleges

Proposed rules would limit revenue for-profit colleges can receive from enrolling military veterans. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona: “Predatory, deceptive practices that target veterans and service members have no place in higher education, period. The proposed rules would eliminate a loophole that excludes military and veterans’ education benefits from the 90/10 rule. Another proposed rule aims to curb former for-profits from masquerading as nonprofits to avoid regulations. The third proposed regulation would make incarcerated people eligible to use Pell Grants, a form of federal aid for students from lower-income households, to pursue higher education behind bars. People can submit comments on the proposed rules over the next 30 days, which would take effect next July. For-profits argue that the revenue rule is not a good measure of

Tuesday’s package of regulations arrives weeks after the Biden administration proposed rules to overhaul loan forgiveness programs